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Buying on Wongle

You don’t have to create an account to make a purchase on Wongle. Simply proceed with your purchase, but be sure to ask any questions you may have directly to the buyer.

Navigate to the “My Account” section, where you can easily set up and create your account.

Upon a buyer completing a payment with a seller, Wongle will retain the payment and notify the seller that shipment is permitted only after the buyer has received the package. The payment will be disbursed to the seller upon the buyer’s confirmation of package receipt.

At Wongle, we prioritize the security of your payment information. Rest assured, we do not store any credit or debit card details. Your sensitive data is not accessible to us; instead, it is securely managed by online payment professionals to ensure the highest level of safety and confidentiality.

The seller is responsible for promptly dispatching the package to the buyer. During checkout, the buyer can select a shipping option from those provided by the seller. 

Upon completion of your purchase, the seller will furnish you with a tracking code so that you can easily monitor the shipment status of your order.

If the seller neglects to dispatch the package to the buyer and fails to do so even after a warning, the purchase will be voided, and the buyer will receive a refund.

The buyer is responsible for notifying Wongle upon receiving the package to facilitate the seller’s payment. If the buyer fails to inform Wongle and, despite communication attempts, remains unresponsive, Wongle will assume the package was received, and the seller will then receive the payment.

The seller is accountable for ensuring the buyer receives their package. If the package is lost during transit, the seller can seek reimbursement from the courier company, provided the seller has insurance coverage or if it is included. In such cases, a refund will be processed and issued to the buyer.

The buyer bears the responsibility of maintaining communication with the seller to verify the functionality of the product and ensure that it aligns with their expectations. PhoneTrader serves as an intermediary, actively working to prevent potential scams. While the adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” holds, we diligently strive to identify and block users engaged in suspicious activities. Buyers uncertain about a purchase are encouraged to contact us for investigation or exercise caution by refraining from the transaction.

Selling on Wongle

Yes anyone can sell simply just open a store

Whether you plan to sell just one item or multiple items and accessories, it’s essential to open a store. This enables you to streamline payment processing and set up shipping options for potential buyers. Whether it’s a one-time sale or an ongoing venture, having a store provides a centralised platform for your transactions.

After successfully registering your vendor account, proceed to your settings and navigate to the “Shipping” section. Click on “Add Shipping Method,” followed by the “+ Add Shipping Method” button. From there, you can choose among three different options: Flat Rate, Free Shipping, or Local Pickup.

Feel free to add multiple shipping options to enhance customer convenience. For instance, select Flat Rate, click “Add,” and then customize your flat rate shipping by providing a name, such as “Pudo Locker to Locker,” and setting the price at R60. We suggest three popular options:

  1. Pudo Locker to Locker – R60
  2. Postnet to Postnet – R109
  3. PEP Paxi – R59

Feel free to include more options based on your preferences.

Please note that choosing Local Pickup comes with its own risk, and we recommend opting for delivery to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

Upon completing a sale, the seller is required to promptly dispatch the product to the buyer using their preferred shipping method. Once the buyer receives the package, they must notify Wongle of the successful delivery. Subsequently, payment will be initiated and processed to the seller.

Opening a store on Wongle is completely free, allowing you to list as many products as you want. We only apply a 7% fee for each sale, which covers the associated banking costs and processing fees.

Certainly! Feel free to promote your Wongle store on various platforms, including social media, as long as it attracts customers to your Wongle store.

Certainly! We offer an affiliate program that enables individuals to create an affiliate account. When a sale is generated through your personal affiliate link, you will earn commissions based on the specified parameters. Our affiliate links come with a 30-day cookie tracker.

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